About Us

Since our marriage 40 years ago, we have had three precious pets in our life. All had unique personalities and have given us great pleasure, love and memories. In 2005 we realized that when we visited a veterinarian, we had receipts and vaccination records we needed to keep at home but invariably misplaced them over time.

We then set out to create a small booklet “My Pets Health and ID Records” specific for a cat or dog, that we could  take to a vet, have them record the vital info for the visit and everything was in one place. When traveling with our pet we had everything about them we needed as far as their records if we unexpectedly needed them. Over  the years we created several additional products to help keep our valued pets safe if we became incapacitated  unexpectedly by illness or accident and a product to alert firefighters that a pet is in the house if we were not home  during a fire. Our products are specifically focused for your Cat or Dog’s safety and security. We have sold over  1,400,000 Cat or Dog Health and ID Records over the past 15 years. All of our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. in Ohio and Florida. Thanks for reading our story.

Your Pet friends Carmen and Roger.

Our Beloved Pets

Goldie: Our Movie Star
1983 – 1999

Lucy Lu: Our Queen
2003 – 2017

Lulu Belle: Our Lover